Why Access Control Is Essential To Protecting Your Business

March 14th, 2019

Businesses face a lot of threats nowadays, both external and internal. One of the most effective ways to guard against these threats is with an access control system. Access control systems ensure that only approved individuals can access certain areas. Access control systems can be used on an entire property, a building, or even a storage closet. 

How Access Control Provides Security

There are a lot of assets that are important to keep a business running. Physical assets, like property and inventory can be protected with access control by ensuring only authorized personnel can access these assets. This protects them from damage and theft. Another important asset though is intellectual property and privileged information. Access control ensures that these critical assets are protected by blocking access to anyone that may threaten these assets. 

The Three Types Of Access Control Systems

There are three main kinds of access control systems. These systems can be used individually or in tandem with one another.

Keypad Or Card Access: Keypads and card access control work in fundamentally the same way. An employer provides authorized individuals with either an access code for the keypad or a magnetic card for the card access point to enter an area of the facility. These ensure that only certain individuals are granted entry by the employer. These are better options than keys and locks because they can easily be changed immediately after a security breach.

Video Surveillance: Video surveillance places video cameras along the entryway of a facility. The footage taken by these cameras is then watched and monitored by either an onsite or offsite security force. Footage is used to monitor the comings and goings of anyone entering an area and can instantly notify security when an unauthorized individual has entered. 

Access Barriers: Access barriers come in a variety of types. The most common are gates and heavy security doors. These work not only as a physical barrier to an entry point, but can be electronically controlled to prevent access to unauthorized personnel. Access barriers are great for areas where there is little active staff to notice people coming and going, as well as, to establish a secure perimeter around an entire facility.

Which Access Control System Is Right For Your Business?

When you are ready to implement an access control system, you may not know your full security needs. You may have a general idea like provided secure entry to anywhere financial or information technology is stored. You may also want to look at places with high-value inventory. The best way to determine what access control is right for protecting your business is to work with a security expert. A security expert can review your business operations and assets and help design a system that will provide the protection you need.

Ultimately though, no matter your needs, the best systems tend to be a blend of the three types of access control systems. Adding a card reader to a security door that is monitored by video surveillance will ensure the ultimate layer of protection. To learn more, speak to a security expert.