A Safe Home For The Person On The Go

June 28th, 2019

Just because a person spends a great deal of their time on the go, that doesn’t mean they don’t need a safe home to come back to. Traveling can be stressful in its own right, and those who do travel frequently shouldn’t have to constantly worry about what is going on back at their home base. Those with families in the Pflugerville, TX area are often even more concerned, wondering if their families are safe back at home while they’re away. A reliable and convenient home security system in Pflugerville can be just the reassurance you need, and residents of the region have two very effective choices to choose from. 

Monitored Alarms And Mobile Solutions 

For travelers on the go, the two main home security solutions that provide the most benefit are monitored alarms and mobile solutions. Each holds their own benefits, and they can even be combined for a double secured space and multi-layered security strategy. Some of the benefits of a Pflugerville monitored alarm system are: 

  • An audible alarm will trigger to alert the potential occupants of the home of an emergency, the alarm will often scare off the intruder, and it can alert neighbors of a potential emergency going on next door. 

  • Event specific emergency signals can be sent to a monitoring center to distinguish between an emergency like a break-in, and one like a fire. This can allow the monitoring center to alert the proper authorities as quickly as possible. 

  • A center operator will call you to verify if an emergency has taken place, so you have ultimate control. 

  • If the alarm is verified to be a genuine threat, the center operator will dispatch the help you need on your behalf. 

Whether you’re close by, or thousands of miles away, monitored alarms can provide a great deal of peace of mind. When used alongside a mobile security solution, residents get double the safety. The benefits of these solutions include: 

  • Control your system while you’re away using a simple and user friendly mobile app. 

  • You can create automatic schedules that fit your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your family. Alarms can be turned off when the kids come home from school and are like to be coming in and out with their friends, and turned back on at bedtime. 

  • The video your system captures can be viewed in real time and viewed from anywhere. When working alongside an alarm system, you can check video footage to determine if a break-in is legitimate and have authorities to your home even if you’re across the country on a business trip. 

Safety For Everyone 

Home safety is important for everyone, not just those who are home all the time. When a person arrives back to their Pflugerville home base after a period of travel, they want to feel safe and happy back in their own space. For more on security solutions for people on the go, contact us at 1st Choice Security today.