4 Things A Smart Home Offers

April 11th, 2019

It used to be that a smart home was a gimmick for the ultra-rich, something you got more to show off to your equally rich friends rather than something to make your life more convenient.  However, thanks to the spread of smartphones and the growing Internet of Things, upgrading to a smart home in Pflugerville, TX has become cheaper and easier to install than ever.  This upgrade can still cost a fair amount depending on what you include, but it offers all kinds of benefits.


This is the main reason to get automated appliances and smart home upgrades.  Instead of having to be there to preheat your oven, turn off the lights, or set your thermostat, you can use your smartphone and adjust your settings wherever you happen to be.  You can also program your connected systems to turn on or off at specific times every day so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.


People upgraded from single-setting thermostats to programmable designs because it let them turn down the air conditioner and heater while everyone was away at school or work and then turn back up just before they got home.  A modern wireless model lets you adjust these settings on the fly, plus you can create time periods that don’t assume everyone in the house has a regular 9 to 5 job.  You can also have things like ovens, computers, and lights turn off or enter standby automatically if there’s no activity.


Home security alarms are already a way to automate your home, so many security companies in Pflugerville, TX offer comprehensive smart home upgrades that give you a way to integrate many different devices and appliances.  This often means integrated smoke alarms, smart thermostats, and automatic lights, but it can include more.  The security systems themselves include motion sensors, surveillance cameras, electronic locks, and automatic lights you can program to make it look like someone is moving between rooms throughout the night.

Money Savings

Installing smart home features can be an expensive investment, but you can start seeing a return on that investment right away.  There are several ways you can start seeing a better net income after the upgrade:

The energy efficiency upgrades will have an impact on your monthly utility bills.

Your homeowner’s insurance may offer a discount if you get the upgrade thanks to the improved security and emergency protections.

Most smart house features stay with the property, so the upgrade improves your property value.

Your smart house upgrade can also include solar panel installations, and solar panels eventually pay for themselves in generated energy.

When you upgrade to a smart home, you’re making your daily life more convenient, more efficient, and safer.  Even if you don’t get a full return on your investment from energy savings and property values, these life improvements are worth the money you’ll spend.  After all, when everything is automating and becoming easier and more intuitive, why should your Pflugerville, TX living space be an exception?