5 Ways To Improve School Security

February 27th, 2019

Times Have Changed 

The security needs of schools in Pflugerville, TX have changed in recent years. Not only must administrators keep the structures safe, but they must also find ways to ensure the safety of the students as crime continues to occur in schools. One way to curb the growing dangers in schools is to employ the combination of video surveillance systems, access control, and emergency preparedness. 

Five Ways To Improve Safety In Schools 

1) Place security cameras in the right areas. Place security cameras in areas that are susceptible to break-ins. Do a full inspection of the property to identify weak spots. Security cameras should be installed in high-risk and highly populated areas to increase the safety of students and staff, as well as reducing vandalism and theft. Some of the top areas for camera placement include:

  • Main entrances
  • Hallways
  • Computer labs
  • Cafeterias
  • Playgrounds
  • Parking lots
  • Athletic fields

2) Install a video security system. Video surveillance is one of the best ways to secure a school in Pflugerville, TX. As long as the school complies with privacy issues, video surveillance can heighten the safety of students and school assets. Video cameras with recording capability can allow schools to identify and capture anyone who engages in criminal or inappropriate activity. 

3) Implement a door access control system. Having a door access control system lets the owner of the school monitor who has access to various locations around the school. It can also monitor movements of who’s coming in and who’s going out. This type of system can monitor thousands of students and staff from one central point. 

4) Add mobile surveillance. Mobile surveillance boosts safety outside of the school. This type of system is ideal for school buses where challenging issues like dangerous driving, vandalism, bullying, and reckless behavior can occur. It assists with driver accountability, protects students, and can reduce overall transportation and staffing costs.

5) Enforce an emergency preparedness plan. Nothing keeps more students and staff safe than an emergency preparedness plan. Have a solid plan in place that all students and staff know and can follow when an event occurs. Training all employees how to work with law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, and other emergency professionals in an emergency event can save lives. 

Take Time To Make The Right Choice

Budgets are tight in school districts, and many administrators end up choosing a video security system that offers the lowest price. This can be troublesome because they can end up purchasing a video security system that can't meet the school's needs. Cheap video systems can fail to operate properly, might not provide the details and resolution required to identify individuals, or not allow for future expansion.