How To Make Your School More Safe

July 9th, 2019

While school may now be out for most children and teenagers in Pflugerville, TX, that doesn’t mean that the schools themselves should their guards down. With a bit of a break, it’s time take a look at what level of security a school has, and see if it’s adequate to the responsibility of keeping students safe.

American students in Pflugerville, TX are at a much greater threat of violence than any other developed country in the world. School safety in America is not just a matter of protecting children from bullying but gun violence that can leave many children wounded or dead. School security must reflect this possibility. These are a few of the measures that can be taken to help keep students safer and possibly save lives when seconds count.

Access Control Systems

While students must be able to enter and exist classrooms as required once the bell rings, that doesn’t mean that all doors in all rooms of a school must be accessible by everyone at all times. Access control systems do away with the archaic ring of keys that teachers and other staff need to carry, and replaces it with a keycard, a numeric code, or even biometrics for individual access to doors that is recorded at all times.

Access control means that after hours, all doors can be locked down from a centralized source. It also means that during a shooter incident, doors can be locked or opened as required, from a central source, which can help to funnel assailants without needing to send someone down to unlock or lock doors.

Security Cameras

Security camera networks have been keeping homes and businesses safer, they perform the same role in schools as well. In addition to providing clear, identifying details for a subsequent investigation, cameras can also act as a deterrent to criminal activity, and even school problems like bullying or truancy. Any action caught by a camera is indisputable evidence, and eliminates the issue of “my word against theirs” in resolving disputes.

In a shooter situation, security cameras can also give police the tactical information they need about where the assailant is, and where other children or staff are, without having to endanger anyone by sending them in for reconnaissance.

The Panic Button

Perhaps the most important thing during a crisis situation, such as a shooting incident, is rapid response from the police. With a “panic button” system installed, a direct line to the police indicating a crisis can be critical. Ordinary 911 calls require talking to an operator, describing the situation, and relaying the location that an EMS response needs to go to. Depending on the state of the caller, this can take too much time to calmly relay.

With a panic button, an instant distress signal complete with location can immediately go to the police, and sometimes this prompt action can make all the difference.

If you’d like to know more about how to keep your school safe in Pflugerville, TX, then reach out to us and let us help. 1st Choice Security can help you find the security systems that keep your students safer.